KingMIC Releases Hot New Single, 'Careless'

Afrobeats singer-songwriter, KingMIC is back with a fresh tune. His latest offering, the suave and infectious "Careless," is not just a single; it's a rhythmic journey that blends Afrobeats and Amapiano in a sonic soup that is carefree and exhilarating - offering a taste of what lies ahead in his forthcoming EP, "38."


KingMIC's "Careless" rushes in like a cool breeze on a hot Lagos afternoon, a musical respite that instantly captivates with its smooth fusion of rhythms and optimistic just-enjoy-your-life lyrics. The song, like a well-blended pot of jollof rice, takes familiar elements and mixes them in a way that feels both comforting and exciting.


 The Afrobeats signature pulsates at the core of "Careless", a rhythmic dance that mirrors the vibrant energy of a bustling market. The log drums that carry the amapiano scent wield the familiar sounds of drums echoing through the streets, a call to celebrate life in the face of uncertainties. 


Christened Michael Oladosu, KingMIC's delivery is always evoking. His vocals ride the waves of the beat, painting a sonic picture that feels like a Friday evening in a Lagos neighborhood, filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the promise of a good time.


 As the track progresses, the Amapiano influence unveil itself more like a hidden gem in the musical landscape. The piano chords dance with the Afrobeats rhythm, creating a dynamic interplay that mirrors the diverse tapestry of today's Naija.


 "Careless" is a song for everyday people, an ode to the ups and downs of life and the positivity that comes with hope. KingMIC's storytelling prowess shines through, painting vivid pictures with words that resonate with the collective experiences of his audience.


What adds an extra layer of excitement to "Careless" is its role as a prelude to KingMIC's upcoming EP, "38." It's not just a single; it's a sneak peek into the broader narrative that will unfold with the release of the full body of work.


 Known for his collaborative verve, having teamed up with industry peers to create musical magic in the past. As with most of his works, he teamed up again with producer PushPush Beats to craft the tune of "Careless" and respected Sound Engineer, T Piano on the mixing and mastering.