Tacit Exchange: Best platform to trade all gift cards.


The steady advancement of technology has extended to gifting. Gifting has moved from the traditional method of walking into a physical store to get a present. This method is often poised with certain difficulties such as getting the right gift or getting the recipient's preference. Gift cards (physical and e-codes) have made it easy to gift someone, leaving them to determine what to buy with the gift card. For example, gifting a loved one an eBay gift card gives them the liberty to purchase anything on eBay provided it is within the amount stated on the gift card.

Challenges of trading platforms in Nigeria;

Trading gift cards for cash has become popular in this part of the world because of the unavailability of physical stores to redeem Gift cards. This has led to an increase in trading platforms across the continent. There are several issues associated with these gift card trading companies. Some have issues of delayed payment while some have bad customer relations. The trading rate of most platforms is unfavorable to traders. This has made the search for an all-around platform important for both new and existing traders.

The best platform to trade all gift cards

Trading gift cards for cash has just gotten easier. At Tacit exchange ,  we have carefully studied the slips and faults of other platforms in this niche, and from this bank of experience, we have been able to avail all the shortfalls to rank the best gift card trading platform in Nigeria.

One of the common issues traders face is getting a good rate for their gift cards. Tacit exchange understands that everyone is in business to make a profit. That is why we fixe our rates at par with the Chinese rate. Every trade with Tacit exchange leaves a smile on your face. You can check out the rates of the gift card you want to trade on the rate calculator. Do you want to sell your iTunes, Amazon,eBay, Nordstrom gift card, etc at the best rates? Tacit exchange is the best platform.

Asides rates, pay-out is one issue most traders face. Having to wait for payment for a long time after your card has been confirmed can be very tiring. At Tacit exchange, we don’t joke with payout! Once your card is confirmed, payment is made directly to your bank account immediately.

At Tacit Exchange, every customer is seen and treated like a king! Your questions and complaints are treated with high priority. There is a 24/7 customer support team that is available to respond to you.

Above all these, trading on a secured website is keen. The increase in online fraud is alarming. Gift cards are often used as a target because it is not attached to a particular person hence, difficult to trace. At Tacit, we have an all-encompassing firewall that helps guide customer's details and trade.

Tacit exchange has made trading favorable and easy for both newbies and professionals in gift card trading.

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