Meet Akan Udofia: A Visionary Leader Approaching Politics From Another Dimension


 When you talk about Leadership, Humanitarian, Innovation, and Industrial Developmental tendencies - then Akan Udofia will be called to the forefront.  

The seriel Entrepreneur and Business Magnate is CEO of Desicon Engineering Ltd, a transnational company providing technologocal advancements, information technology, cost controls, and exploration to customers in the oil and gas, construction, electrical utility, and other industries throughout Nigeria, Chad, and Ghana.

Mr. Udofia who is an Alumni of Harvard University has basked multiple award and accolade for his perchance for Humanitarian projects. He has created a stretch of Industrial opportunities that has empowered hundreds of Akwa Ibom youths. For him, the way forward in engaging and empowering more youths is 'Industrialisation'. In his words, he said 'Industrial Revolution' will landmark Nigeria towards the direction its supposed to be. 

As a leader who values inclusiveness and poise to carry the people of Akwa Ibom along, Mr Udofia has emphasized on the need for Political Leaders to bring to bare, the essence of being forthright, and forget playing politics of columny; all in a Bill to Sabotage other people's name. 

Recently, a story was cascaded across various social media platforms that Mr Udofia doesn't believe in God, and he's pledging to enforce tax on churches. The contrived story also claimed that he is divorced and has a questionable trail amongst women. Well, as calm and calculated as he has always been, Mr Udofia's photo with himself and his wife surfaced all over the news space. It's a photo from their 27th years marriage anniversary, as they were being blessed by Pope Francis, Head of Catholic Church and Sovereign of the Vatican city state.

Indeed, upon reinventing the Leadership wheels in Akwa Ibom State, Akan Udofia is standing tall in honing Governorship positon come 2023. Pundits has lauded his triumph, hence the youths of the State keeps yearning for his Visionary and innovative Leadership.