#ALBUM: Billion Monk - Album Is Ready Mixtape

"Billion Monk" born Terfa Daniel Chiangi Noryila-Baka is a Nigerian rapper, entrepreneur and activist raised in Makurdi, Benue State.
"Billion Monk" kicked off his game in 2010 around the same time he took vows with school which made him relatively unknown in the rap community.
"Billion Monk" is described as the double-edge sword lyricist, he is indigenous to the core and international to the peak. He is currently signed to "Born Icon Entertainment and Ayatutu Entertainment".
"Album Is Ready Mixtape" is the first major project to his name and it is a promotion os his first album titled "AWASE".
The project was killed with help from big guns in the industry namely, Immortal Thought (Dijhay), Larry, Teekay Tipsey

[caption id="attachment_31031" align="alignnone" width="300"] TRACKLIST[/caption]DOWNLOAD TRACK 01.. intro

DOWNLOAD TRACK 02.. Tiv Pop 1 (Billion Monk)

DOWNLOAD TRACK 03.. Tiv Pop 2 (Billion Monk)

DOWNLOAD TRACK 04.. Djay ft Shana Drums Of Victory

DOWNLOAD TRACK 05.. Always DiJhay ft Alex Neon