Adewale Adetokunbo Moradeyo popular known as*Harri Best* was born in
UK and raised by his Nigerian parent.He has a degree in Business
Technology from WestHam College London and several degrees in Music
Management. Like the common cliché, it was apparent from childhood
that music was going to play a very important part in his life.
Luckily his parents had an amazing and diverse record collection from
James Brown to Ebenezer Obey, IK Dairo, Fela Kuti, Victor Uwaifor,
Sunny Ade and many more diverse music which influenced his music
career.Harri Best love for music made him travel around some Europe
countires for years promoting his music and performing at major shows
and clubs. In later years, he had a hit in Europe with a reply to Olu
Maintain’s classic,Yahooze. The song was called “No more Yahooze”and
had modest success in Nigeria too.In 2018 April, he released
Talantolo, a song he says he stole from FelaKuti.Explaining the song
“Talantolo”, Harri revealed that whilesleeping he hada dream, watching
ayoung Fela performing Talantolo. So when Harri woke up,he added a few
beats and Talantolo was produced.His latest offering is*AFRICAN WOMAN
SO FINE*.This afro pop Naija jam is melodious andgroovy. It celebrates
the African woman and testifies that of all the women in the world,
the African woman is the most beautiful and unique.

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